Polyimide tubing

Optima represents the world leading Polyimide manufacturer MicroLumen in Scandinavia and on some other special accounts.

The MicroLumen Polyimide tubing is ideal for applications requiring thin walls, small diameters, and high dielectric strength. Reinforced Polyimide tubing has increased column strength, burst strength and increased torque transmission. Fluoropolymer (PTFE or FEP) incorporated with Polyimide generates a composite material with the benefits of fluoropolymers, such as a low coeffi cient of friction, combined with the outstanding properties of Polyimide. MicroLumen performs many secondary operations such as coiling and microcut lengths as well as thermoplastic jackets, flexible tips, assembly, embedded marker bands and laser machined tubing.

Polyimide tubing is available in sizes from ID under 0,08 mm and wall from 0,013 mm. Polyimide has superior pushability and torque, at the same time being fl exible and kink-resistant. It is ultra-smooth, chemically inert and USP Class VI compliant.

Some typical applications for Polyimide tubing are for cardiovascular catheters, balloon angioplasty and stent delivery, urological retrieval devices, intravascular drug delivery, in peripheral vascular devices and neurological/embolic systems.

Polyimide features

  • Superior pushability and tractability
  • Flexible & Kink resistant
  • Column strength
  • Ultra-smooth
  • Chemically inert
  • Transmits torque


ID > 0.51 mm ± 1% of Nominal
ID < 0,51mm ± 0,005 mm of Nominal
Wall > 0,025 mm ± 0,006 mm
Wall < 0,025 mm + 0,006 - 0 mm
Custom diameters and wall thickness
available on request.

Standard ID sizes 0,076 mm to 2,11 mm
Wall thickness from 0,013 mm to 0,20 mm

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